The benefit is to have a good habit!

And the child character will have another cloth! 

We plan to give some benefits after launch the official app.

You can buy all the items on the avatar shop.

(Hairstyle, Shoes, cloth, hat, accessories, etc)

After finish your task, you can get the stars from 1 to 3 stars.

1 star : Basic tasks (check the potty, Get dressed, Pack backpack, etc)

2 stars : Healthy habits (Brush teeth, wash hands, drink water, etc

3 stars : Helping others (put away dishes, walk the dog, pack luchbox, etc)

When you touch the task one time, you can see the duration with white text. 

You can set up from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

You click can drag the task you want to from the task box on the bottom to the place you want to put it.

If you don’t want to use the task, drag into the task box.

There is no limitation of the tasks on the schedule.

There is some of tasks that you can use only in the specific time zone.

1. Morning only : Wake up, Breakfast, Make your bed, take the bus.

2. Afternoon Only : Arrive home, Snacks, Nap time, Play outside, Play date, Exercise, ballet, Soccer, Taekwondo, swim, art, piano.

3. Evening only : Dinner, Family time, Dress for bed, Go to sleep, Good night, Movie, Chatting time.

Setting > Notification > Turn on the setting son the notification.

If you turned off the notification on your phone, you can’t get the notification.

Please check your phone setting, too.

No, you can use only one child. We plan to develop multiple child feature.

You can manage your family information in the parents menu.

Set the parents name, family name, relationship such as mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, and caregiver.

You can change your child’s name, family name, birth of date, and sex.

You can set the morning, afternoon and evening schedule.

You choose one of schedule.

You will find an arrow button on the bottom of screen.

Click arrow button to drag up the task box.

You will see all the tasks you need to.

Chose one of them.

Click and drag where you want to put it on the schedule lint.

You can set the duration with just click the task.

It goes by 5 minutes. Also you can set alarm of the first task.

You can delete or add the task what ever you want.